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Unique · Dynamic · Endless · Fun · Simple · Polished

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Match the colored ice cream sticks by aligning them in a LINE. 


Plan your moves, make consecutive matches, earn multiplied points, and compete for the best score.


“Popsicle Sticks” is the great time waster with highly polished satisfying visual effects. 





FREE - all free, will always be free.


UNIQUE - by its matching mechanic where you have to make straight lines by placing, rotating, and aligning the sticks horizontally, vertically, and diagonally on a 3x3 board. 


DYNAMIC - game progression rules to reduce the effect of randomization. 


ENDLESS - till the board is full and there are no possible moves left.


FUN - is in trying to find short-term strategies and planning to make the right move to blast stacks.


EASY - swipe to place, tab to rotate.


POLISHED - with satisfying and stimulating visual effects. 





COMBO - make consecutive matches, earn multiplied points.

GAME CURRENCY – Earn and spend Popsicle Coins, boost your joy. 

MULTI MATCH - Multiplied points for double, triple and quadruple matches.

BOOSTERS – Use the Rainbow, Reshuffle or Bomb boosters; never stuck.

FULL STACK - Full stack match of a color, clears all the sticks of that color.


MATCH INDICATOR – In case of you are missing out some of the matches.


REVIVE - clear 4 of the 9 stacks by clicking the “Continue?” button at the end of the first game.


LEADERBOARDS – compete for the best score in the world.


AUTOSAVE - continue playing where you left off. 


DARK THEME - switch to the dark theme to play under low light. 


COLOR BLIND PALETTE - switch to the color-blind friendly palette if you have color vision deficiency.


NO ADS - package purchase removes the banner and interstitial ads.


GAME TIPS - tips about the game placed somewhere in the app for the mid-core match-three puzzlers. 



Popsicle Sticks will keep you hooked from the first moment and you'll start enjoying the gameplay taste you've been missing.


It will be a kind of nostalgia for who played classic arcade games like match-3 games, connect the dots games and blocks games on classic cell phones. Sticks’ gameplay is simple just like those classic arcade and puzzle games yet offers a fresh unique mechanic with gorgeous and cute graphic design.


Popsicle Sticks is the most colorful and sparkling game among the free puzzle games. Everyone from all ages can solve challenging and brain-teasing matching puzzles.


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We hope you enjoy your game.  –CHEF

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